Friday, March 20, 2009

The internet introduction, chp.1


The Internet. Some call it a community, some say it’s just a program. Me? I say, it’s a universe. Like the real cosmos, it has it’s galaxies, it’s star systems, it’s planets.

Every site, has it’s own planet. Some planets are bigger than others, some are smaller. You can find everything on the internet. From games, to people, to jobs. Some places are swarming with danger, while others just offer help and amusement.

About the people on it… ah, the people on it. They range from Dumbasses, pedos, and hackers, to serious, business people. In this universe, you will be more likely to find the first mentioned, unfortunately.

The Internet is no game. If you know how to handle it, you’ll be okay. But, mess something up, and you’ll get flamed, banned, and in the worst case scenario, arrested.

‘’The internet is serious business.’’ ~Lolcat


‘’Wake up’’, he heard from an unknown voice.

‘’Wake up, man!’’, the voice was heard again.

He slowly opened his eyes to see a man above him with no real distinct feature, apart from his short buzz cut hair, and a shirt on which there was some kind of text, which the boy could make out as ‘’Roadkill789’’.

‘’Where am I, what happened…?’’ the boy said with a confused and drowsy voice, as he was trying to sit up.

‘’The server crashed again,’’ Said the man above him, while pulling the boy up to his feet. ‘’This isn’t the first time, too.’’

‘’Oh. But, where exactly am I?’’

‘’What do you mean? You’re in CS.’’

‘’CS?’’ Said the boy who was now already up on his feet, facing the man next to him.

‘’Yeah, Counter Strike, don’t you remember?’’

‘’Not really, the last thing I remember was that I froze in place, and then everything just vanished into thin air, along with me. By the way, what’s your name?’’

‘’Roadkill, you can see it on my shirt.’’

‘’Now what am I supposed to do?’’ He asked while looking around himself.

‘’I don’t know about you, but I have to go now. Good luck out there.’’

The man vanished in the distance. The boy started to explore the environment. He appeared to be in a small tunnel, with a few boxes here and there.

He was turning around himself, looking for a way out. He then spotted a door a couple of meters away from him. The door was floating, and it emitted a slight glow. The boy approached the door, and put his hand on the door knob. He quickly opened the door, and rushed trough. Behind him was an amplified and loud: ‘’The bomb has been planted!’’. The door slammed behind him, and when he looked back to see it, the door disappeared in a small cloud of smoke.

He first looked at his feet, he was standing on a walkway, about five meters wide. Slowly looking up, confused, he saw that the walkway was going in length, and that it was fairly long, at least a couple of miles. He appeared to be in outer space, but instead of planets, there were only little blips of light that would spark occasionally. Getting used to the new environment, he started to walk along the walkway, To an unknown destination.

He entered the Internet.

Chapter One: Roads and paths

It was quiet. Even the boy’s breathing could be heard. The boy was clueless as to where he was. He walked to the end of the walkway. On the end, something new for the boy, a cursor, with a neon ‘’TAXI’’ stretching on both it’s sides.

Cautiously, slowly, he started walking towards the white arrow. He was now only a few feet away from it.

‘’Hop on kid’’ A computry voice called for the boy.

‘’Who are you?!’’ Asked the surprised boy as he leaped back in fear.

‘’The Taxi, ofcours- Ah, I see, you’re new, right?’’

‘’Yes, sort of…’’

‘’Well don’t worry, Imma take you to Google, from there, you can go to any place’’

‘’That would be nice, thank you…’’

Even if he didn’t know what place the Taxi was talking about, his will to get away from the place was enough to make the boy jump onto the cursors top, accepting the favor.

In a blink of an eye, they were already speeding trough the emptiness. The boy’s heart was racing, and his adrenalin pumped in. After a minute or so, they finally started to slow down.

The boy was breathing heavy, not because of exhaustion, but from the sheer excitement the ride gave him. After a moment of silence, the Taxi started:

‘’Now we’re approaching the Portal.’’

‘’Portal?’’ Said the boy, confused as to what the Taxi was saying. ‘’What Portal?’’

‘’It’s a portal that will transfer us to the center of the Internet’’

‘’So, I’m in the Internet?!’’

‘’Of course! You’re in the vast universe of the Internet.’’


Something glowed in the distance. It was getting bigger and bigger. As the two were going forward, the boy could make out it’s purple color.

‘’That’s the Portal, right?’’

‘’Yep, here we go.’’

They were getting closer and closer. Now they were only about 100 meters from it. The Portal was huge, it was ten times the size of the boy.

When the tip of the cursor made contact with the portal, the boy had to cover his eyes, because the Portals light was as of the Sun’s now that they were going trough it.

The light had went away. He opened his eyes slowly, adjusting his vision. Once his eyes were focused, the boy’s jaw dropped at this sight. It was as busy as a bee hive. Millions of cursors were buzzing around, all with passengers on them. The boy was still on the cursor, but now, they were in a traffic lane, moving slower. He looked to the right hand side of him. There was an identical cursor moving at the same speed as all the others, with a passenger on top. The boy called for the passenger:


‘’Yes?’’ The passenger replied in a neutral tone.

‘’Where are you going to?’’

‘’Google, why?

‘’Me too! Can you please show me around or something, because I’m new to this whole Internet thing.’’

‘’Sure, I’d be glad to.’’

They were still floating in mid-space, all moving at the exact same speed. As he flied, the boy noticed some cross-roads and side paths that were connected to other roads. His cursor was going nowhere but forward.

The boy and his new companion were closing in on a large floating platform. When they reached it, the two Taxis stopped. The boy’s companion immediately jumped off the Taxi onto the platform.

‘’Go on, we’re here.’’ The Taxi said with an encouraging tone.

‘’Well… I guess I’ll see you around.’’ The boy said in a sad tone, as he was getting off the Taxi.

‘’Don’t worry, I’ll be here whenever you need me.’’ The Taxi made it’s final words and flied off.

‘’Alright, let’s go!’’ exclaimed the boy’s new fellow as he was stating to walk up a long set of stairs.